STEM in the Garden

Behind the classrooms of Apollo Middle School, students dig in the dirt to grow crops, hop around an oversized chessboard and talk about hydroponics.

What was once a small patch with some flowers is now an outdoor learning center honoring two deceased members of the school’s community—Daniel Torres, an Apollo student killed by a classmate in a gun-related accident, and Greg Ashley, a school administrator lost to cancer.

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Woman gets appliances

A few weeks ago, I woke up and routinely began to look through the news alerts and press releases in my email. I’ve been doing this every day while working at the metro desk of my paper, and usually it’s filled with arrests, traffic accidents and press releases for community events. This was a slow morning.

As I thumbed through my inbox, I ran across one with a subject line that read “Woman gets new appliances for Fourth of July.” How dumb I thought. Why would someone expect us to write about this?

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Authorities detail Florida’s fireworks laws

Sun Sentinel | News 

Melons and mannequins were the only things blown up during a fireworks safety demonstration by the Broward Sheriff’s Office Monday, but officials warn it could be hands and homes if the public isn’t careful this Fourth of July.

The agency’s Bomb Squad and the Florida Division of State Fire Marshal demonstrated how even ordinary hand sparklers could reach extreme temperatures.

As July Fourth nears, authorities urge safety, detail Florida’s fireworks laws – Sun Sentinel

Teen thanks officers who saved him 

Sun Sentinel | News 

When 16-year-old Cottard Remy was pulled out of the ocean by Hollywood police officers on Memorial Day, Carnide Remy closed her eyes and prayed for her son’s life.

“When I was crying out for help, nobody was there, but when I reached out to [the officers], they quickly went in the water,” Carnide Remy, of North Miami, said at a ceremony Tuesday honoring four Hollywood police officers. “I prayed, they did their job, and now here my son is.”

Nearly drowned teen thanks Hollywood officers who saved him 

Judge sentences serial rapist to civil commitment, despite split jury

Reporting Workshop | News 

Juan Francisco Vega was apprehended by police while attempting to flee the scene of his last rape. Friday, 28 years later, a Judge struck down Vega’s efforts to return to the community.

The defendant, a Miami serial rapist who plead guilty to six counts of sexual battery, kidnapping and other felonies, finished his sentence in May 2011 and sat through a two week trial to determine his release, which ended with a 3-3 split jury last Friday.

Judge sentences serial rapist to civil commitment

Deferred action takes weight off undocumented shoulders

FIU Student Media | News

Almost two years after the Congressional shut down of the DREAM Act, the Obama administration announced Friday, June 15, that it will use its executive power to stop the deportation of young undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria.

According to a memorandum by Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, the executive branch will order the Department of Homeland Security, and its agencies, to exercise “prosecutorial discretion,” deferring deportation for low priority cases, such as those of young undocumented immigrants.

Obama’s announcement takes weight off undocumented shoulders