Great journalists are made in newsrooms like this one: Reflections on my summer internship

1002492_10201853085271470_1051905855_n“Anything the interns would like to say?”


This summer, for 12 weeks, I interned with the breaking news desk at the South Florida Sun Sentinel. When we arrived, we were greeted by celebration: the paper had just won a Pulitzer Price for Public Service Reporting. Read more about that here. 

From the get-go, we knew we were in a special place, surrounded by talented people. The more we got to know the reporters and editors, the more I realized how fortunate I was to be there.

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#muckedup | Selling the Washington Post

I joined the Muck Rack community for #muckedup once again last week. Here is one of the questions posed by the moderator, and the answer that got me 20 followers in less than an hour. Yes, I still get very exited when I gain new followers, specially when they’re other journos.

@muckrack: Does the purchase of @WashingtonPost by Amazon’s top man (who once said newspapers are soon to die) scare you or give you hope?

@melhorl: The purchase shows both innovation and investment: For someone joining the workforce soon, it doesn’t get better than that.

#muckedup | Photojournalists and Start-ups

Muck Rack is a great platform for networking with other journalists from all over the country. The discussions that take place just within Twitter are enlightening and seek to find solutions to the problems journalists face today.

Frankly, it’s also a place where journos and journos-gone-dark (PR) vent about said problems.

Weekly chats on Twitter tackle some of the most relevant questions in the field, and I thought I’d periodically answer a couple of these here. Here are two questions from last month, answered briefly a la social media.

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