#muckedup | Photojournalists and Start-ups

Muck Rack is a great platform for networking with other journalists from all over the country. The discussions that take place just within Twitter are enlightening and seek to find solutions to the problems journalists face today.

Frankly, it’s also a place where journos and journos-gone-dark (PR) vent about said problems.

Weekly chats on Twitter tackle some of the most relevant questions in the field, and I thought I’d periodically answer a couple of these here. Here are two questions from last month, answered briefly a la social media.

What’s the danger of a newspaper cutting a photography department and only relying on iPhones? How does quality suffer?

A seasoned photojournalist said it best earlier this week: Photos are content, not decorations. Knowing how to capture a great moment is a craft, and not all journalists are ready to divide their attention between producing great reporting and great photography, all at once.

Economics force out a lot of journos. Then again many entrepreneurs are doing very well these days. Is the system really broken?

The old system is very well broken. Start ups are tapping into the future, doing things a little different. Change is scary, and I’m sure it looks broken to those looking for a fix, a return to the old days.

Other young journalists and myself gasped in horror as a bureau chief for a large news publication told us about the days when bottles of wine and champagne would be expensed to the newspapers they worked for. We were at a regional journalism conference but we might as well have been sitting around a camp fire, listening to mystical old tales.


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