My label says…

Hi, my name is Melhor. And I thought it’d be a good idea to start off with that.

Melhor, pronounced (meh-lor), means better in portuguese. A combination of hope for a healthy baby, pain medication and a car commercial yielded the name, which is more mine than anything else.

I don’t discuss my name often. It confuses people, it’s difficult to remember and brought on more taunting than I want to remember.

Professionally, it’s also an uphill climb. In a meeting with the editor overseeing my summer internship, she asked if I preferred Mel or Melhor, because she’d heard it both ways from other people in the newsroom. I beamed.

“I’m fine with either.”

This might seem trivial, but having others remember my name, even if just a part of it, is a great thing. Usually people will ask me my name repeatedly, and eventually just give up. I’m not “the intern” or “um… you,” which I’ve gotten plenty.

In the end, though, names are just labels, and I’m glad to be stuck with an original one.


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